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Some John HALL Posts

In trying to unravel the HALL family of Middle Tennessee, naturally you would expect to encounter the name John HALL.  I am trying to determine if the references below are one and the same individual or different Johns.    If you are researching any of these individuals, please post to the blog or e-mail me at rick1547@gmail.com

23 August 1803
Wilson County, TN Wills Book 1, pages 99 – 100
William KAVANAUGH Bond.  Thomas FARRIS of Sumner County TN is bonded unto William KAVANAUGH of Sumner Co. TN.  Witnesses – John HALL, James WRATHER, Moses PENKERTON.

NOTE: I highly suspect this is the same John HALL who lived in Sumner County but owned land in Smith Co. TN.  Moses PINKSTON is connected with HALLs in several records and lived nearby in Smith Co.   It appears he had lived in Madison Co. KY (possibly) and married Nancy DOUGLASS.  The interconnection of HALLs with the DOUGLASS family in various locations including Sumner County is intriguing.    Moses PINKSTON was in the 1820 census of Wayne Co. KY (a HALL connection there later with Mary Ann HALL, Claiborne's daughter marrying Joshua B. COX), 1830 census of Callaway Co. MO; 1840 census of Benton Co. MO; and the 1850 census of   Benton Co. MO (age 75, born NC)   .  Moses PINKSTON was born in 1774 in Rowan Co. NC, son of Bazel PINKSON and Keziah CLAY and he died  in 1860 in Weatherford, Parker Co. TX. 

Wilson County Marriage
16 Aug 1809
James HALL to Prudence HORN.  Thos. BRADLEY, bondsman

Wilson County Marriage
10 Nov 1812
John MORROW to Sally HALL.  Charles FOX, bondsman.  Per ancestry.com – this John B. MORROW was son of Daniel MORROW and Frances “Fanny” HALL and Frances was daughter of David HALL and Dorcas ALLEY.    Sally died 29 Nov 1861 in Montgomery Co. MO.    Sally was daughter of William Henry HALL and Elizabeth HICKS who came from Caswell Co. NC to Smith Co. TN then to Montgomery Co. MO.       John MORROW's entry is right next to that of Moses PINKSTON in the 1820 census of Wayne Co. KY.  Making it possible to have a connection now between John HALL and Sally HALL MORROW.  

Wilson County Marriage
22 Sep 1813
William HALL to Polly HALL – James RAMSEY, bondsman

Wilson County Marriage
19 Dec 1814
Wm. HALL to Martha WILLARD by James MCADOW, J.P.     James WILLARD, bondsman

5 March 1819
Wilson County, TN Wills Book 1, page 498
William HALL will.  Heirs: sister Jane HALL, my little daughter Isabel Owens HALL.  Should she die my estate to be divided between my sister Jane and brother John.  Witnesses – William MCADOW, James MCADOW.  Executor – James MICHIE.  Recorded 22 October 1819.

NOTE: Is this the same John HALL as in the 1803 deed above?  Note the sister Jane!   The William HALL was obviously a young man whose wife Martha WILLARD HALL had predeceased him, leaving only one little daughter.  

27 April 1819
Wilson Co. TN Deed Book G, page 353
Edward DOUGLASS of Sumner County to John HALL of Sumner County, 134 acres on Smith’s Fork.

5 June 1819
Wilson County, TN Deed Book H, page 3
Wm. BUMPASS to John HALL of Sumner County, a town lot in the town of Maryville. 

5 June 1819
John HALL of Sumner County to George L. SMITH, 36(?) acres on Smith’s Fork.

There are 3 John HALL entries in 1820 census  of Sumner Co. TN
All of them are 26 and under 45 - placing a date of birth between 1775 and 1794. 

Wilson County Marriage
4 September 1820
Abram KEETON to Jane Hughes HALL by Christopher COOPE, J.P.,  John N. HALL, bondsman
NOTE: I suspect this is the sister of William HALL and John HALL who was mentioned in William's 1819 will.  

Wilson County Marriage
21 July 1821
John N. HALL to Lewcreasy MURPHY by James MCADOW, J.P. 
NOTE: Who is this?   Note he was a bondsman for Jane Hughes HALL above and obviously connected - not James MCADOW presided and he also presided at marriage of William HALL and was a witness to his 1819 will.  

25 June 1822
Wilson Co. TN Deed Book I, page 194
John HALL to Abner W. BONE, 90 acres on Smith’s Fork. 

1830 Census Sumner Co. TN – page 139
Line 4
John W. or N.(?) HALL                    1 male 20 – 30; 2 females 15 – 20; owned 2 slaves
Line 5
Alfred H. DOUGLASS      1 male under 5; 1 male 5 – 10; 1 male 10 – 15; 1 male 30 – 40;
                                                1 female under 5; 1 female 5 – 10; 1 female 20 – 30; owned 20 slaves
 NOTE: Could John N. HALL be a son of John HALL? 
There is an older John HALL, 40 – 50 in this 1830 census also, placing his date of birth then as between 1780 and 1790.  He is on page 175, line 20 and his entry is 
John HALL                          2 males 5 and under 10; 2 males 10 and under 15; 1 male 15 and under 20;
                                            1 female 5 and under 10; 1 female 40 and under 50, Total  - 8. (NOTE: only 
                                             7 people are listed). 

There are 2 John HALLs in 1817 Sumner co. TN tax list
                One owns 250 acres on Drake’s Creek and one owns land on Desha’s Creek
                William HALL – 143 acres on Dry Creek

On 1822 tax list of Sumner Co. TN – Samuel HALL owned 125 acres on Sharp’s Creek
There is a John HALL on 1826 Sumner Co. Tax list 

IN 1850 Sumner Co. TN there is a John W. HALL age 68 born VA., a lawyer.  

4 January 1808
Smith Co. TN Deed Book C, page 44
John HALL to William HALL.  Lot in town of Carthage.

Wilson County, Tennessee Grant Book, Vol. C, 1807 – 1809, page 146
John FRANCISCO to John HALL State of North Carolina – 4 March 1808.  John FRANCISCO of Kentucky and John HALL of Sumner County, Tennessee for $640 tract of land granted by NC to George FRANCISCO, No. 26, lying on south side of Cumberland river in Wilson County which was formerly Davidson County on Barton’s creek.  Borders Thomas KILGORE, Luther MARTIN. 
Witness: Edward DOUGLASS, Thomas GAMMELL.                            John FRANCISCO
Proven by oath of Edward DOUGLASS at June term 1808. 

Tennessee General Land Grants, Book P, page 47, # 9911
Entered 9 Sept 1813 by No. 11397.  To John HALL, assignee of Robert SEARCY, 50 acres by survey bearing date 1 April 1814  being in Sumner County in first district on waters of the middle fork of Drakes Creek of Barren River.  Includeing an improvement made by Henry DERRYBERRY.    16 March 1817.

Tennessee General Land Grants, Book P, page 48, #9912

Entered 9 Sept 1813 by No. 11395.  To John HALL, assignee of Robert SEARCY and John C. MCLEMORE, 124 acres by survey bearing date 1st April 1814 lying in Sumner County in the first district on the waters of Sulphurs fork of Drakes Creek of Barren River…NE corner of Wm. OGLE’s 84 acre survey….(rest of description)…… including improvements where he now lives.    16 March 1817.  

MUCH MORE WORK TO BE DONE ON JOHN HALL.    It appears to me this family may have left Sumner County (not there in 1840 census).  

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